Spring Collection 2015

by Chadio

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    stole all these beats cuz i liked em and just wanted to record some raps. enjoy.

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A bunch of beats i stole and rapped on


released May 9, 2015

recorded and mixed by Stroker Deluca
mastered by nato@7nato.com
artwork by me



all rights reserved


Imaginations Treetrunk Vancouver, British Columbia

you already know.

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Track Name: 16/16 (Sugoisounds)
Verse 1
So this is something called “16 bars in 16 minutes”...
....where the normal time you take is not given, your on a mission.....
.....its a combination of the freestylin and written.....
.....making this composition as quick as ya can its a writing excercise....
....some people they might never try it maybe makes me wonder why......
.....im always looking up at the, sky to get some extra light.
Im set on heaven sights and locks i know the combo key.....
...these raps write em swiftly and properly easy jobs....
....i just take em whenever that i can get em its all the same i been.....
....on a quest for the trophy no way no person can hold me since,
, every day theres a lesson its nothing tactical.....
.....and since im born a taurus its in me for actin practical,
, you probly want something more from me how my struggles been......
....different than yours but if your thinking that shit you can suck a dick.
. not one to come equipped with ulterior motives....
....just meet me after the show, sincerely chadio.

Vers 2 Sept 10.14 – 16bars

For me theres nothing that changes or stays the same..
….in this weather ill face the rain tho im probably placing blame…..
….and like wheres my capitol gain to fulfill but I never found it…
….so tellin you bout the story youre tellin me how it sounded your,
, swimming lessons a test that just left me drownded…..
…so getting a passing grade or an accolade didn’t count…..
…..and getting over it quickly so maybe then I can bounce….
….but im over 30 and knowing im never gon’ own a house is kinda,
, disenchanting depressing to say the least……
….but I like the city im from and love living here in the east part,
, most people that I know never call me a sweetheart,
, something you can tell from the second the beat starts,
, not too worried determined by definitions……..
…..so keep on makin yer wishes on takin us out fakin an bitchin,
, you prolly think that your work is gon make a difference….
….til someones shuttin it down and then suddenly youre the victim
Track Name: Heathrow verse (World's Fair)
Too many things thats on my mind that ive no explanation for....
...like why we work at jobs we hate for paper what we make it for?
, im staying poor though breaking doors and kicking entrances....
...and gettin local fame when im spittin the written sentences.....
....a master with the penmanship, jack of every trade.....
....i wanna relax up in the shade but i gotta stack it and gettin paid....
....cuz on the real you only really got so much time on the clock.....
.....and ill be getting it indefinite whether he rhymes or not,
, so understand a bit, i walk down hastings with a bag of chips....
.....with optics for the coppers when im tryna drop some tags and hits,
, whatevers clever youd be too bitch just to risk it.....
....your bitch is less than a 6 and bro me i be keeping sixes,
, weed and whatever liquids, inspiration for painting with......
....and make it plain and simple to the listener that aint as slick........
....Fuck a local rapper thinkin he can try and take the piss....
....oh wait, ill take it back to 08 and get on my maple shit.